Build a distributed financial system based on blockchain

What is YBC?

  • The founders of YBC are a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts and earliest supporters. After seeing Bitcoin’s problems, we decided to do our best. Use the latest technology to develop a fair, open and transparent electronic currency that is suitable for everyone to use, everyone can participate in. Yuanbao coin is a P2P form of digital currency, Peer-to-peer transmission means a decentralized payment system. The biggest difference between Yuanbao and other virtual currencies is that its total number is very limited and it is extremely scarce. The total number of the currency system will be permanently limited to 30.5 million.

Distributed Finance (DeFi)

Payment system

PoD consensus mechanism

Value Transfer Protocol

Application ecology

  • YBC+ cross-border payment
    Currently, in cross-border payment settlement, the intermediate links required for each remittance are not only time-consuming, but also require the payment of a large amount of handling fees, and its cost and efficiency have become the bottleneck of cross-border remittances. Through YBC payment, not only can bypass the intermediary bank and reduce the transfer fee, but also because of the security, transparency, and low-risk characteristics of the blockchain, the security of cross-border remittance is improved, and the speed of settlement and clearing is accelerated, which greatly improves the use of funds. rate.
  • YBC+clearing and settlement
    Through the application of YBC, the data on the blockchain is distributed, and each node can obtain all transaction information. Once a change is found, the entire network can be notified to prevent tampering. More importantly, under the effect of the consensus algorithm, the transaction process and the clearing process are synchronized in real time. The bookkeeping initiated by the upper family must be approved by the next family to complete the transaction. Finally, the value transfer is completed in the transaction process, and the fund settlement is also completed at the same time, which improves the efficiency of fund settlement and settlement and greatly reduces the cost.
  • YBC + asset securitization
    Relying on the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, openness, and sharing, the blockchain securities trading system can improve the efficiency of the registration, issuance, transaction and settlement of securities products, and effectively ensure information security and personal privacy. And YBC+ asset securitization can efficiently achieve industry changes.

Build a global value network


YBC servers will be distributed globally to enhance the speed and reliability of services

Scalability support

The technology we use on YBC can meet the needs of users on the platform without reducing network performance or causing any transaction delays< /p>

Low transaction costs

In view of the nature of blockchain and cryptocurrency, our transaction fees are always kept at a very low level for our users< /p>

Continuous update

Considering the economic burden of the network, the latest security patch must be used to continuously monitor and update the technology used

Safe and convenient multi-wallet service

Multi-version wallet support to meet the needs of users to access the YBC ecosystem in different scenarios


Our app will automatically sync between your different devices

Multi-version wallet application

Support multi-version, multi-platform wallet download and use

Web side
Hardware wallet

Team members


CEO, graduated from Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics, with dual degrees in engineering and economics. He has 14 years of development experience in data architecture. He once worked at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Sberbank of the Russian Federation, mainly responsible for database construction. He is currently the data architect of YBC's financial ecology.


Co-founder, master of financial management from a British university, worked at Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, has his own unique insights in the field of transaction payment, successively invested in EOS, High-quality projects such as Filecoin and Cybermiles, observe and participate in the community construction and operation of multiple encrypted digital asset projects, and are mainly responsible for investment consultants at YBC.


COO, a top enterprise architect who has done project-level architecture design and diagnosis for many well-known companies such as Google and Amazon. He is good at transforming weaknesses for enterprises and inspiring team spirit The core mentor of the company is also a brand strategist who helps the company to start a rapid development model. He used a year to help a well-known sales team create 100 million US dollars in sales. He is regarded by countless teams as the most winning and insightful soul architect master.


CTO, public chain and Dapp developer, open source project XDAG core developer & maintainer, multiple blockchain and open source project contributors, big data expert, blockchain Technical experts. Served in senior positions such as chief technology officer, project manager and IT director of the world's top IT companies. Responsible for the design and development of YBC blockchain software, and play a key role in the rapid development of YBC.


Route map

YBC future development route

  • January 2020
    YBC project starts preparations.
  • July 2020
    Yuanbao Foundation will complete the deployment of DeFi ecological governance token YBC.
  • August 2020
    The YBC project will complete the contract deployment and officially go online. YBC is the asset token of the project.
  • October 2020
    YBC has reached strategic cooperation with major exchanges.
  • January 2021
    Yuanbao Foundation reached cooperation with banks, securities, insurance and other industries to realize the digital assets of YBC tokens in their business scenarios.
  • March 2021
    YBC will start diversified applications and value circulation in the DeFi field. The value of YBC continues to rise.
  • June 2021
    YBC accesses more application circulation scenarios, such as supply chain finance, global trade financing, lending, equity pledge, credit investigation, asset digitization, etc.
  • November 2021
    Become the basic token of the DeFi ecosystem, circulate in the global financial scene, and become a mainstream digital currency comparable to Bitcoin and Ethereum.